Joe Crilley

Pfc. Kenneth J. Grogan

I stand next to the grave of Pfc. Kenneth J. Grogan, a soldier in the 120th Infantry Regiment of the 30th Division, who was killed by a sniper while on patrol in Normandy on July 1, 1944. Grogan was a relative of Bob Wehmeyer's in-laws. Bob, who is a good friend of mine, had asked me to put flowers on his grave but unfortunately we arrived too late and got up too early to get to a florist shop. Looking west from Pfc. Grogan's grave is thousands of interred service personnel placed beautifully in rows. After this we visit the Vierville Draw where Engineers fought through barb wire under heavy fire and blasted the twenty-foot roadblock that was preventing the 29th Division's advance. From here we go to Pointe Du Hoc, a German stronghold containing 155mm artillery pieces that could hit Omaha and Utah Beaches.
Pointe Du Hoc

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