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Thanks to all who have contibuted the photos and documents for this site. Most of the photos from the trip to Holland were taken by Dave and Doug Wilber. Listed below are the other photos and documents on the site and their source.

Glider Ride
War Dept. Photo
Duffy's Tavern
? - Probably a staff photographer.
Family Portrait
Marc Schultz
Unknown Soldier Photos
Top and Bottom - from "The Epic of the 101st Airborne" 1945, 101st's Public Relations Office
Center photo of Doug and Dave - Bernhard Florissen
The Island
Second photo from "The Epic of the 101st Airborne"
Map from "Rendezous With Destiny", by Leonard Rapport and Arthur Norwood, 1947, Konecky & Konecky
The Island - The Canal
Canal picture from postcard by W. Hulstein
The Island - The Canal
Top - 2004 News photo
Bottom - from "The Epic of the 101st Airborne"
Opheusden Bridge
Photo from Opheusden website.
Major Oliver M. Horton
US Army photo
Opheusden Bridge
Dave Wilber ?
Photos provided by Bernhard Florissen
The Battlefield
Map courtesy of Bernard Florissen.
Battlefield - Inset Photo
Air Photo
The Mysterious Death of Captain Froemke
Photo - ?
US Army Documents
Wim and Dir van den Bosch
Photo - ?
Wim and Dir van den Bosch
Family photos provided by ?
Private Charles A. Wilber
Army Photo ?
van den Bosch House
Bottom Photo ?
Private Charles A. Wilber
Army Photo ?
The Queen City
All photos by Peter Van der Linden except for the pictures of the Willys jeep identification plate and the drawing of the crashed glider which are from:

War in Oisterwijk
Rik Oerlemans
Margriet Vencken
Donald Wiedemeyer (authors).
Blok Uitgevers Oisterwijk (Publisher)

Peter also provided the RAF reconnaissance photos.

The Susan B
Photograph of the sinking of the USS Susan B. Anthony taken by Bob Salley, H&S Headquarters, 326th AEB, taken on June 7, 1944.
Photograph is from Mark Bando's book, "101st Airborne, The Screaming Eagles in World War II".Zenith Press, 2007.

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