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Memorials (Cont.)

On the wall on the Garden of the Missing are 326th Charlie Company's Lt. Theodore T. Jones Jr. who was lost on D-Day jumping in attached to one of 101st PIR's, the 501st, 502nd or 506th. Also is one of the Baker boys, Pvt. Dominick Cali reported missing in action on June 15, 1944. In the beautiful cemetery are the remains of Lt. Roy Barnes, 1st platoon of Charlie Company and also killed like Jones on June 6th near St. Marie du Mont. Just recently Belgium author and IOlst writer Michel De Trez bought the helmet of Lt. Barnes from a Norman farmer who had it for years. On the helmet was the cricket fastened by some friction tape. De Trez, author of books such as "Point of No-Return", is currently writing a book on the 326th, called "The 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion, Expert Combat Demolition Team".
Pfc. Kenneth J. Grogan

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