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An article written by Bob Salley, an officer in Headquarters & Supply of the 326th AEB, descibes his landing on D+ 1 in Operation Market-Garden. The downed glider he is referring to is the "Queen City" which contained Engineers Hiltunen, LeMay and Carson and the pilot F/O McCann. All perished in that crash which I talk about later. This is a photograph taken by a Dutch civilian showing some of the 80 gliders of the 326th that landed on Landing Zone W on that Monday afternoon. In these gliders were men from not only Headquarters & Supply, but also Able and Baker Companies. A day earlier, paratroop platoons from A and B companies landed with the 501st. Charlie Company saw its First Platoon land with the 506th and Second and Third jump with the 5 0 deuce. Note how well and organized the gliders appear not only in the air but the ground as well. The men of the 101st felt that of all the training exercises and war-time operations, Holland was the best. A few pages from here shows the inside of a CG-4A Waco with a trooper who I thought was my Dad. After investigating this to some length it was determined that the man I believed to be my Dad could not be him since this picture was taken on October 6, 1943, and my father didn't join the 101st until late November, 1943.
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