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At a museum located in Son, I meet Jeroen C. Koppes, a Dutch college student from Helmond who greatly provided me with information that lead to the identification of my Father's rescuers. Because of this we present Jeroen with an American flag that was flown over our nation's capital. Below is a picture with myself and Jeroen. Below that I stand next to a CG-4A Waco glider, the type of glider the Americans used during World War II. The Waco could carry 13 soldiers along with a pilot and co-pilot. In Operation Market-Garden almost all of the co-pilots were soldiers who were given on-the-job training and taught to fly the glider incase the pilot was disabled. The gliders could also carry a jeep, mini bulldozer, trailers, artillery pieces or other equipment up to 3,750 pounds in total weight. I have never met a veteran who would choose a glider over jumping out of a plane with a parachute. On 9/18/44, General McAuliffe landed by glider with reporter Walter Cronkite. The General told the 101st commander Maxwell Taylor" don't ever ask me to that again."
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