Joe Crilley

Pegasus Bridge II

I stand next to a plaque where the lead glider of Howard's force ended up and to my left is a statue of the Major. Below that is the view of the bridge at Benouville code-named Pegasus that crosses the Canal de Caen from the final resting spot where the pilot, Staff Sgt. Jim Wallworth and his co-pilot Staff Sgt. John Ainsworth of the Glider Pilot Regiment, crashed landed their Horsa. One wonders if coup de main forces had taken Arnhem and Nijmegen bridges, Operation Market-Garden may have succeeded. The probelm with Monty's plan was that it put together in only a few days whereas Operation Neptune, the June 6th invasion, took many months. This was mainly the result of the urgency caused by the V-2 bombardment of the London area that began on September 8, 1944 .
Pegasus Bridge III

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