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Pictured below is the photo entitled "One Sunday in Normandy" and my brother Dave standing at the same spot our Dad was 60 years earlier. The caption of the photograph reads, "Dressed in their Sunday best, war ophans of Auvers take American paratroopers to church with them in appreciation of gifts from the soldiers rations". Almost a year and a half after my daughter Margaret wrote a letter in French to the Mayor of the village, I received a reply from this part-time Mayor of this tiny hamlet. They had gathered all the young girls in the photo and lined them up in the order of the picture. The small girl to the left of my Dad was not a orphan but her parents placed in the church because it was safer from all the bombing. On the next page is the letter translated by a Frenchman who works with my daughter on Wall Street in Manhatten. On the following pages is the letter in French along with a photo of the young girl Albertine who was hanging on my Dad's belt with some other Americans by the church.
Orphans II

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