Joe Crilley

Pointe Du Hoc II

In order to climb the cliffs, special equipment was made to aid the Rangers in the attack. Led by Lt. Col. James E. Rudder, grappling hooks attached to ropes were to be fired from mortars and catch themselves to the barb wire to allow the Rangers to climb the rocky wall. But heavy seas sprayed water on the equipment and most of the hooks fell short. The Rangers also had firemen's ladders and were able to find a spot that allowed them to reach the top. This is while German soldiers are tossing hand grenades and firing at the soldiers too busy to fire in their defense. Once on the top of the point, Rangers had to knock out enemy machine gun nests in bunkers before they could reach their objective-the German battery of 155 mm cannon, capable of slaughtering men on Utah and Omaha Beaches.
Pointe Du Hoc III

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