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Margraten Cemetary

[Robert LeMay & Raymond Carson]

On D+ 1 of Operation Market-Garden, a glider in my Father's Baker Co. was shot down just west of Landing Zone W. German ack ack fire knocked off the left wing of the CG-4A Waco nicknamed the "Queen City". In this jeep-carrying glider were three members of the 326th AEB who were killed when the aircraft fell 500 feet straight down crashing near the village of Osterwijk Holland. On the right is Technician 5 Robert LeMay, one of the four occupants of the ill fated craft. Below is Raymond Carson a man who is pictured only one man over from my Dad in the companies photo in May, 1944. I investigated this incident a great deal as I met online the granddaughter of the pilot of the "Queen City". Ironically, she lives in the same town where a cousin of mine lives in Ohio.
Faces of the 326th

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