Joe Crilley

Margraten Cemetary

[Pvt. Paul Hoyt ]

My brother Dave and I saw goodbye to Jan and we take Jeroen out for dinner. Jeroen then shows us the Circuit of lights around Eindhoven which commemorates the liberation of the city on September 18, 1944, the first city in Holland to be liberated. From there we go to the cemetery in Margraten where over 10,000 American soldiers are buried. Among the graves we visit is a trooper from the 326th who was killed on September 20, 1944 when the Germans counterattacked the Son Bridge. After the fight the Americans can't find Pvt. Paul Hoyt of Ohio. While looking in the canal they spot Hoyt's red hair and retrieve his body. Pvt. Hoyt was a friend of Bill Shorter who lives 35 miles away from me in Petersburg, NY. Mr. Shorter is one of only four men of the original 99 men in Baker Co. that was not killed, wounded or captured during the course of the war
Margraten Cemetary
[Pvt. Richard Werner]

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