Joe Crilley

Landing Zone W

Son is where the majority of the 101st landed by parachute or glider at Drop Zones Band C and Landing Zone W. Below is a memorial to the l01st at this spot. The Pauloshoef home's backyard was where the troopers came in. Note the Screaming Eagle on the face of the house. The Airborne units felt that this was the smoothest operation during the war, either in combat or training. My Dad's glider arrived at Landing Zone W on D+l, or Sept. 18, 1944 because there weren't enough planes to ferry everyone in at the same time. His glider hit some soft ground and nearly flipped over. When this happened all of the men came down on their heads killing them or causing serious injury. The glider units suffered heavier casualties than the paratroopers because of this. It wasn't until 1944 that the gliderman got extra pay for their hazardous duty.
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