Joe Crilley

The Museum at Zon

The museum at Son has many exhibits featuring uniforms, equipment and weapons of all kinds, including a V-1 "Buzz Bomb". Pictured below is an American M-4 Sherman tank, the main stay of the Allied army. While the Germans had better tanks they were heavily outnumbered due to the massive industrial output by the Americans. Below the Sherman tank is the workhorse for the Army Air Corp, the C-47 Dakota cargo plane. This craft was usedto tow in gliders, carry a "stick" of paratroopers or bring in other supplies. In 1942 President Roosevelt set a goal of building 100,000 aircraft a year. Hitler and other high ranking Nazis laughed at this for they believed they could not produce the pilots. The Americans developed a pilot training program that met the aircraft manufactured. The Americans built 297,000 aircraft during the war, double the output of all the Axis powers. Over 4,000 American pilots were killed in training alone.
Joe Mann

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