Joe Crilley

Wim's Grave

After visiting Helene, Bernhard takes us to visit the grave of Wim van den Bosch. Dir's grave is an considerable distant away and we are unable to view her grave site. Wim died in 1990 at the age of seventy. I asked Bernhard what happened to Wim and he said a windstorm had occurred and blew the barn door open which held a collection of small animals that Wim had. As he ran around trying to get the animals back into the barn he suffered a heart attack and died. Wim and Dir also had a older sister Greta and younger brother Izak, both deceased. Izak, joined the Army and was killed in a ambush at the age of 19 in the Dutch East Indies in 1949, the last year of the war in what is known today as Indonesia.
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