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Devastation of War


The same German tank as seen on the previous page, but from a different angle. On the extreme left in the background is the van den Bosch home. Note that a mortar round has hit their roof and part of their shingles were knocked off. The window on the right of the van den Bosch house is where my father along with Wim and Dir were. Pictured below is a patrol of Airborne troopers walking past another German tank knocked out at the curve on Dalwagensweg. The soldier in the lead who has an "E" on the side of his helmet indicating he is in the 326th, is Sgt. James Weaver, a squad leader in Baker Company identified by one of his men, Bill Shorter of Petersburg, NY. The next day after this picture was taken Sgt. Weaver was captured along with 5 other members of his squad near the windmill and they spent the rest of the war in a German POW camp. Also notice that he is holding a black hat in his left hand as seen up the road near another destroyed German tank. The German tanks are lighter versions in the Nazi arsenal because the Island is considered the worst tank country in the world.
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