Joe Crilley

Easy Company

Below is the battlefield where a platoon of 35 men from Easy Company defeated two German SS companies numbering around 300 and killed, wounded or captured about half of them. The men from Easy along with some others from Fox Company sustained 23 casualties. Captain Winters viewed this as the highlight of all of Easy Company's actions during the course of World War II, even better than the events on D-Day. In the backgound you can see the higher ground across the Neder Rijn where the Germans were. Because the Germans held the high ground,the 101st soldier was vulnerable to artillery fire. Since the factories were nearby, any movement was met by fire from the dreaded 88. My brother Dave and I next to another memorial to the "Screaming Eagles". The Dutch welcomed the Americans with many gifts as they drove first south, then north in Operation Market-Garden.The war lasted five years for the neutral Dutch, and upwards of a quarter of a million of them lost their lives out of 10 million.
"A Bridge Too Far"

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