Joe Crilley
The story I have written is based on what I remember happening to me and tales my late father told me about his experiences during World War II with the 101st Airborne Division. Fortunately my late Mother kept all the letters her future husband sent to her which gave a good picture of a soldier dealing with the greatest conflict in world history.

The conclusions I have drawn are based on the evidence and documents that I have obtained from our government, personal interviews with veterans from that era and books on the subject. They may or may not be the final answer to a very complex issue such as World War II and the reader could come up with a different viewpoint.

This book is dedicated to my two daughters, Margaret and Erin, and to theirs and future generations in the hope that human conflict, and the effects that it has on people, may someday vanish from this earth.

Doug Wilber

The Beginning

Douglas E. Wilber
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